Application Notes

Technical application notes for hardware and software designs and best-practices are stored in the app-notes Github repository:

Highlighted App Notes

Hardware Designs

  • AN001 Basic SoM Design is a simple SoM base board. Like a Boron it can be powered by LiPo battery, USB, or an external DC supply. It includes: RGB LED, bq24195 PMIC, MAX17043 Fuel Gauge, USB Connector, LiPo Connector (JST-PH), and M.2 SoM Connector.
  • AN006 Vehicle Power provides sample designs for powering Particle devices in vehicles.

Programming techniques

  • AN002-Device-Powerdown shows how to have an Electron, E Series, or Boron gracefully power down under battery power when the power supply is disconnected then automatically power up when restored. This can be useful in automotive applications or devices powered by a switch in mains power applications.
  • AN005 Threading Explainer provides detailed information on using execution threads on Particle devices.
  • AN008 Using a Xenon with the Nordic SDK


Numerical List