Tracker M8 Accessories(001)

M8 Pinouts

M8 Connector Wire End

M8 Connector on cable

Facing sockets on connector end of cable

M8 Connector Panel

M8 Connector on Tracker One

Facing pins on the panel connector from the outside of the case

The 8-pin connector has these signals:

M8 Pin Function Function Function I/O Color
1 CAN_P IO2 Yellow
2 VIN3 I Red
3 Analog A3 GPIO D3 IO1 White
4 Serial1 RX Wire3 SDA GPIO D8 IO1 Green
5 Serial1 TX Wire3 SCL GPIO D9 IO1 Brown
6 CAN_5V4 CAN_PWR O Orange
7 CAN_N IO2 Blue
8 GND Black

1MCU GPIO is limited to 3.3V maximum.

2CAN Bus specifications can be found in the Tracker SoM datasheet. CAN Bus termination is provided on the carrier board.

36.0 to 30 VDC at 2A when using the M8 connector.

45V, 400 mA maximum. Controlled by the CAN_PWR GPIO.

You typically connect the cable to your custom external interface device by routing the cable through a cable gland in your enclosure and to your custom board and:

  • Terminate with pins in a PHR-8 to mate with a B8B-PH on your expansion board
  • Terminate with screw terminals on your board
  • Terminate by soldering the wires to your board

For more information on expanding your Tracker One using the M8 connector, see the Tracker One Expansion Tutorials.

M8 Cables

M8 Straight

M8 Right Angle

The M8 cables provide a convenient way to connect external devices to the Tracker One while preserving the IP67 waterproof rating and not having to disassemble the Tracker One.

Wire Gauge - M8 Cables

M8 Pin Function Color Wire Gauge
1 CAN_P Yellow 26 AWG
2 VIN Red 24 AWG
3 A3 White 26 AWG
4 TX_SDA_D8 Green 26 AWG
5 TX_SCL_D9 Brown 26 AWG
6 CAN_5V Orange 26 AWG
7 CAN_N Blue 26 AWG
8 GND Black 24 AWG

Dimensions - M8 Cables

M8 Straight
M8 Right Angle
Parameter Value
Length 1 meter ±3 cm
Outer jacket stripped 10 cm ±1 cm
Inner wires stripped and tinned 5 mm ±1 mm
Outer Diameter 5.0 mm
Approvals UL2464, RoHS

Orientation - M8 Cables

The key on the M8 panel connector is at 3 o'clock (right side, nearest to the USB connector), when facing the connectors, as in the diagram above. When using the right-angle M8 cable, the cable will face away from the USB connector.

Cable Orientation

SKUs - M8 Cables

SKU Description
ONEM8CABEA Tracker One M8 Accessory Cable (Straight), (x1)
ONEM8CABTY Tracker One M8 Accessory Cable (Straight), (x40)
ONEM8CABRAEA Tracker One M8 Accessory Cable (Right Angle), (x1)
ONEM8CABRATY Tracker One M8 Accessory Cable (Right Angle), (x40)

M8 Connector

M8 Connector

SKUs - M8 Connector

SKU Description
ONEM8CONNEA Tracker One M8 Connector (Straight), (x1)
ONEM8CONNTY Tracker One M8 Connector (Straight), (x40)

This connector has the same pinouts as the cable above, but without the cable, so you can substitute your own cable of the desired length.

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