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Beta Compatibility

Raspberry Pi compatibility with the Particle Device Cloud and Particle development tools is still currently in beta. Raspberry Pi does not yet have full compatibility in the Particle App for iOS, Windows, and Android, but we will be working throughout the upcoming months to add support for existing features.

Several features are still currently supported, if you care to use the Particle mobile app with your Raspberry Pi right away.

  • Raspberry Pi device support. Raspberry Pi devices are still supported in the Particle mobile app. You should still be able to select them from the list of devices claimed to your account.

  • Toggle D7 user LED. If you have run the sudo particle-agent setup command, your device will have a Raspberry Pi-compatible version of Tinker running. If you toggle the D7 LED with digitalWrite(), you should see the green activity LED next to the red power LED toggle as well.

  • Read and write to digital GPIO. Currently, the Tinker view for Raspberry Pi devices displays the Photon's 8 digital and 8 analog GPIOs. Note that the Raspberry Pi does not have any analog inputs/outputs, so the functions available to each pin are not necessarily correct. For a full list of pin mappings between the Photon and the Raspberry Pi, please see the Raspberry Pi datasheet.

  • Device Inspector. The Device Inspector view, which lets you see information about your Raspberry Pi, view and interact with exposed Particle.function() and Particle.variable()'s on your Pi, and view/search/filter the event stream from your Raspberry Pi, is operational.

To download the Particle App, and to stay up to date with the latest changes and improvements, visit the following download URLs for our Windows, iOS, and Android apps, below: