You did it!

Thanks for reading. Now that you've finished the tutorial, you should be ready to build your own product on the Particle platform.

If anything described here is unclear, please let us know. We are eager for your feedback; you can post a comment on our forums or send us an email at

If you need any development services, please contact sales; we would be glad to pair you up with one of our professional services partners.

Finally, here's a short list of things to consider in the design and delivery of your product:

  • What will the unboxing experience be? How will you tell your customer how to set up their product?
  • What happens if your product never comes online? Is connectivity necessary for the experience? If not, how will you support your offline customers?
  • How might your product fail? What troubleshooting information do you need to provide, and how will your customers contact you when they can't solve their own problems?
  • How can you take advantage of your product's connectivity to provide better support and customer service?
  • How will you use over-the-air firmware updates to improve your product once you've shipped it to customers? What cheap sensors and actuators could you add to your product that might be useful in the future?
  • How might your distributors and other business partners benefit from the fact that your product is connected?

Good luck and godspeed!