When in the basic plan, there are three factors that determine how many blocks you need:

  • The number of devices
  • The number of data operations you are using
  • The amount of cellular data you are using

The device count in the basic plan includes all devices in all products in the basic plan organization.

Devices are added to the product from the console or API. When you order a devices from the wholesale store in tray or reel quantities, you will be emailed a list of Device IDs in the order that you can upload to the console.

A product device is not counted until it comes online at least once. At that point, it will be counted regardless of whether it comes online within a billing month.

For cellular devices, if the SIM is deactivated for the entire billing month, it will not be counted. There is no proration for devices active only part of the month.

Product device counts are not affected by device claiming, whether unclaimed product devices, claimed to a single account, claimed to a team member, or claimed to a customer.