The free plan has a limit of 100 devices of any type (cellular or Wi-Fi). More specifically, the limit includes:

  • All of the devices claimed to the user that are not in a product.
  • All devices in all free plan products owned by this user, regardless of claiming.

What this means is that the device list in your developer sandbox account is not a complete lists of all devices that contribute to your free plan limits.

These do not contribute to the free plan limit:

  • Devices that are claimed to your account, but are part of a free plan product that you are a team member of, but not the owner.
  • Devices that are claimed to your account, but are part of a growth or enterprise plan product.

Product devices

For free plan products, devices are added to the product from the console or API. When you order a devices from the wholesale store in tray or reel quantities, you will be emailed a list of Device IDs in the order that you can upload to the console.

For free products, the device is counted regardless of its SIM status or whether it has connected to the cloud or not. The inclusion in a free plan product will cause the device to be counted against the 100 device limit.

Deactivating the SIM of a free plan cellular device does not reduce the device count in the free plan