The following Electron models include a plastic 4FF nano SIM card that must be inserted into the device:

  • Electron U260 (2G/3G Americas)
  • Electron U270 (2G/3G EMEAA)
  • Electron ELC314 (2G/3G Global)
  • Electron G350 (2G Global)

The following modules have a built-in MFF2 Particle SIM and you can skip this step.

  • All E Series models
  • Electron LTE ELC402 and ELC404

To install a 4FF plastic SIM

  1. Remove the inner nano SIM card from the larger, credit card-sized plastic card.
  2. Insert it into the nano SIM card slot on the bottom of the Electron. The SIM card slot is on the narrow side, opposite to the USB connector.
  3. Make sure the SIM card is fully seated, however it should not go past the edge of the Electron circuit board or you can damage the SIM socket.
  4. The SIM does not lock in place.
  5. If you want to remove the SIM, just pull it out. Do not press it in further, as there is no push-to-unlock mechanism!