In order to stop a device from being counted in the free or growth plan, there are up to three steps required:

  • If the device is claimed to a single account, you should unclaim the device from the console.
  • If the device is cellular, you should release the SIM.
  • Then remove the device from the product.

At this point, the device will no longer be associated with your product, will not be counted for billing purposes, and could even be given to someone else to use at this point.

To resume using the device

  • Add the Device ID to the product again
  • If claiming to a single account, claim the device again

Claiming details

Q: Why do you need to unclaim the device?

A: You don't technically have to, but if claimed to a single account, once the device is removed from a product it becomes a free plan device, of which there is a limit of 100 per user account. If you plan on releasing fewer than 100 devices temporarily, you may be able to skip this step.

Q: What about customer claimed devices?

A: If you are temporarily deactivating the device on behalf of your customer you can leave it claimed. If they are returning the device and you will reuse it, you should unclaim it.