Common Questions

Do Particle devices play well with IFTTT? Yes, and that how-to is located in our IFTTT features section.

Do you have Webhooks and JS-Plugins? Yes, you can find more information on both of these at Webhooks features section.

How do I get my deviceID [device ID] ?

  • Put the device into Listening Mode mode while being plugged into a computer via USB
  • Issue particle serial identify from the particle CLI and it should return the deviceID.

  • There are many more options available in the device ID FAQ.

Installing Particle CLI

Please see the installation instructions for step-by-step guide to installing the CLI.

To stay up-to-date on the most recent revisions of our Particle-cli, follow our repo Particle CLI Repo.

Pinout Map & Datasheets

Go to our datasheets collection to get an in-depth view of the pinouts.

Hardware Questions

Shields and Accessories

For all hardware related questions in regards to all of our available shields, pinouts, and diagrams, and mini-tutorials feel free to visit our Datasheets Section on these topics. This includes:

  • Shield Shield
  • Relay Shield
  • Programmer Shield
  • Internet Button
  • Particle Dev (Electron, Photon, Core) Kit
  • Particle Maker Kit

Also, check out and join our community forums for advanced help, tutorials, and troubleshooting.

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