Troubleshooting Common LED Codes

LED Colors (Explained)

During initial setup of a device these are the usual LED specifications:

  • White pulse: Start-up (happens when the Photon is first powered on or when it's reset)
  • Flashing blue: Listening Mode, waiting for Wi-Fi credentials
  • Flashing green: Connecting to Wi-Fi network
  • Flashing cyan: Connecting to Particle Device Cloud. Connected to the network, but not necessarily the internet yet.
  • High-speed flashing cyan: Particle Device Cloud handshake
  • Breathing cyan: Connected to Particle Device Cloud
  • Flashing magenta: Receiving new firmware update over-the-air (OTA)
  • Breathing magenta Safe mode, connected to Particle Device Cloud but user firmware not running

Further explained in our Device Modes section.

Error Codes

Hopefully, you never see these colors but here are the error LED color codes:

  • Flash red twice: Connection failure, no internet connection (technically, can't reach Google)
  • Flash red three times: Connection failure, Cloud is unreachable
  • Orange flashing: Connection failure, bad handshake

Factory Reset & Bootloader

  • Solid white: Factory reset started
  • High-speed flashing white: Flashing code from factory reset memory
  • Flashing yellow: Bootloader mode, waiting for code over USB or JTAG

For more help join our community forums and post in the troubleshooting section.