Wholesale Store Order Placement

Wholesale Store Prerequisites

You will need several things to start placing orders on the Wholesale store:

  • Particle Account - You need a valid Particle account to be able to log in to the Wholesale store.
  • Wholesale Account Approval - Your account needs to be associated with a type of wholesale customer. See Wholesale Account Creation to get set up. If you have already received a Welcome email from us, you have a Wholesale account already.

Go to the Wholesale store login page to get started!

Changing Business Information

After you sign in you will be directed to your account page.

Business Information

This page should be populated with the information that you entered during sign up. Please review the information and correct any information that is not correct.

If the "Business Information" section is blank, that means Particle does not have your Tax ID/VAT Number and/or your Shipping Account Number. Please email orders@particle.io with the Subject line : "Wholesale Store Business Information". If this section does not apply to you, you can skip this section.

Business Information

Wholesale store storefront

Click on the "Wholesale" link at the top of the page to start ordering Particle products at bulk or distributor pricing.

All SKUs available to your customer type (Distributor, Business or Particle for Good) at special pricing are listed in this category.

Lead times will change with the volume of units ordered. After you have done adding all your items to the cart you can proceed to checkout.

User Compliance Survey

After filling your cart and clicking checkout, you will be taken the "User Compliance Survey". This section is required by US Law and is mandatory for all purchases on the Wholesale Store.

Particle photon and electron products are restricted under ECCN number 5A992.c. Find out more about these restrictions here.

End user of the products

The first question is required to establish whether you will use the products yourself or sell/give the products to another individual or business.

  • As a business, the answer to this question will be "Yes" if you intend to use Particle products for internal uses and "No" for products you intend to sell.
  • As a distributor, the answer to this question is most likely “No”.
  • As an educator or the host of an event, the answer to this question will likely be "No" for products you intend to sell or give to other individuals or businesses.

Checking the “No” option for the first question prompts another dropdown.

Compliance Survey

The additional question if you selected "No" asks whether you will collect the full name, physical address and end use of the end users of the products. If you have an e-commerce portal that stores this information or you will receive full invoices for the goods, you can answer "Yes" to this question. If you are not able to collect this information, we can not sell to you per US export law.

Destination of the products

The next question asks about countries that the United States currently has trade embargoes with. Answer "Yes" to this question if you can guarantee that the products will not be sold to these countries. If you will ship Particle products to these countries, we can not sell to you per US export law.

Embargoed Countries

The next question asks the Geography in which the device will be used. Again, choosing "Embargoed countries" will not allow us to ship to you.


Use case of the products

A check list for use cases is next. All use cases are allowed but we will need additional information if you select "Military Applications".

  • For distributors the most likely use cases should be "MISCELLANEOUS HOBBYIST ACTIVITIES (Without military applications)". All use cases are allowed but we will need additional information if you select "Military Applications".
  • Educators or event hosts typically select "MISCELLANEOUS HOBBYIST ACTIVITIES (Without military applications)". All use cases are allowed but we will need additional information if you select "Military Applications".


Overall compliance

Finally, you will be asked to confirm that you can comply with the due diligence requirements of US export law. Please see the following resources for more information:

Due Dilligence

Checking “Yes” for this question will direct you to the checkout screen. If for any reason you have failed the survey please email orders@particle.io.

Entering VAT information

On the checkout screen you will see your shipping address Shipping Address

Click on edit shipping address, this will open an editable version of your shipping address. You will see a field called APT/Suite or VAT# VAT

Please enter your VAT# in that field.

Payment methods

The Wholesale store accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards - We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amex credit cards.
  • ACH - We can accept ACH payments but your account must be set up for this option. Email orders@particle.io to learn more.

Paying with terms

The Wholesale store offers the option to receive an invoice from us if your account has payment terms authorized. Payment terms begin from the day the invoice is sent out. Payment terms are reserved for distributors or businesses with over $100K in business with Particle. We reserve the right to offer or change payment terms at our discretion.

Refunds and Replacements

If you’ve made a purchase through our Wholesale Store, our replacement process is slightly different than our normal return process.

Original Condition Return Policy

Orders on our Wholesale Store are committed POs that are non-cancellable and non-refundable. We also can not delay shipping timelines in the case of a committed PO.

In certain circumstances, we may allow returns or exchanges if the items are in original condition. If you have a question about a particular return or exchange, please contact us via our support portal within 15 days of receipt of your order. A restocking fee will be calculated and deducted from your refund.

Items on Reels or Trays

If your order includes items on reels or in trays, such as the P1 or P0, or items in trays, such as the Electron trays or Photon trays, and the vacuum sealed bag on the reel or tray has been opened, the units are no longer in original condition. Because of the moisture sensitivity of these units, we can not guarantee their condition for other customers after they have been unsealed.

Modified or Opened Product Return Policy

If you are struggling with a Particle product or aren’t satisfied with your purchase, our team of support engineers will help you determine the issue in our standard troubleshooting process.

In the case of demonstrable manufacturing issues or a failure due to defective materials, we will troubleshoot and replace the item(s) as needed.

Please check out the troubleshooting tips and assistance on our documentation page. Our amazing community is also a great resource and may be able to help as well. If you still have not resolved your problem, please visit our support portal to begin basic troubleshooting with our team. Often, defective units have simple misconfigurations that can easily be fixed, and this will put you in position to quickly and easily resolve certain issues if they crop up again.

Modules Incorporated into custom boards

We can only perform limited troubleshooting on modules built into custom boards. If you’re interested in more in-depth troubleshooting, please visit our support portal and let us know you’re interested in working with one of our service partners for an in-depth technical review of your custom board.

Items damaged in shipment

Please please contact us via our support portal with a description of the damages, and pictures of the damaged items/packaging and we will help you to repair, return or exchange the item(s) as needed.

Any Other Questions

If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered here, please let us know at our support portal.