About this workshop

This page is no longer maintained and is provided for historical reference only

This workshop is sponsored and produced by Particle. It's original presentation took place. The workshop is a combination of presentations and five hands-on sessions, as detailed below.

Over the course of the workshop, you will learn the basics of connecting a Particle Argon device to the Internet, exploring essential features of the Particle Device OS and Cloud, leveraging cutting-edge features like BLE and on-device debugging, and integrating with 3rd party services.

The content and labs contained in this workshop should take around four hours to complete.


The content for this workshop includes both embedded slide presentations and hands-on sessions. Here's what you can expect.

  • Session 1: Particle Basics - An intro to the Particle ecosystem
    • Lab 1 - Claiming your Particle device
  • Session 2: The Particle Device OS, Cloud, Primitives, and BLE
    • Lab 2: Particle Workbench & Primitives
    • Lab 3: Particle CLI and Device Cloud API
    • Lab 4: BLE on Particle Devices
  • Session 3: Particle Webhooks and Integrations
    • Lab 5: Particle Webhooks and IFTTT
    • Lab 6: On-Device Debugging