Getting started


Designing on Particle videos

Designing on Particle is a series of video tutorials that center best practices across the Particle platform.

How to master hardware design basics

This video covers the basics of Particle Workbench, the recommended development environment, along with the Device OS operating system, using Particle primitives for secure and efficient communication with the cloud.

How to apply healthy design principles

This video covers application structure, Particle primitives (publish, subscribe, functions, variables), basics of system mode and threading, and using logging messages which can be helpful for debugging.

How to design battery-powered devices

This video covers best-practices for battery powered devices including using sleep modes, power management (PMIC) and fuel gauge chip use, and using watchdog timers as a fail-safe.

How to customize tracker products

This video covers the Tracker basics including Tracker Edge, adding custom data to location publishes, and adding new settings panels for your own custom settings to the Particle console using a configuration schema.