Cloud functions

Clear session

When your device connects to the Particle cloud, if often can do so by resuming the previous session. This dramatically reduces the amount of data used, from around 5-6 Kbytes of data for a full handshake to hundreds of bytes of data for a resume. While a full session handshake does not use data operations, if done excessively it can impact the total data usage on cellular devices. Sessions are automatically renegotiated every 3 days for security reasons.

Under normal circumstances you will never have to manually invalidate the current session. However, if you have a need to do so, this is the best way:

auto opts = CloudDisconnectOptions().clearSession(true);

You may see references to spark/device/session/end in the community forums, however that method should not be used and may be deprecated in the future. The clearSession flag should be used instead.