Cloud functions


  • Using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) is recommended for most applications. When using threading mode you generally do not need to use Particle.process().

  • If you are using SYSTEM_MODE(AUTOMATIC) (the default if you do not specify), or SEMI_AUTOMATIC you generally do not need to Particle.process() unless your code blocks and prevents loop from returning and does not use delay() in any inner blocking loop. In other words, if you block loop() from returning you must call either delay() or Particle.process() within your blocking inner loop.

  • If you are using SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) you must call Particle.process() frequently, preferably on any call to loop() as well as any locations where you are blocking within loop().

Particle.process() checks for the incoming messages from the Cloud, and processes any messages that have come in. It also sends keep-alive pings to the Cloud, so if it's not called frequently, the connection to the Cloud may be lost.

It will also update the ApplicationWatchdog timer using ApplicationWatchdog::checkin().