LED Signaling

LEDSignal Enum

This enum defines LED signals supported by the system:

Name Description Priority Default Pattern
LED_SIGNAL_NETWORK_OFF Network is off Background Breathing white
LED_SIGNAL_NETWORK_ON Network is on Background Breathing blue
LED_SIGNAL_NETWORK_CONNECTING Connecting to network Normal Blinking green
LED_SIGNAL_NETWORK_DHCP Getting network address Normal Fast blinking green
LED_SIGNAL_NETWORK_CONNECTED Connected to network Background Breathing green
LED_SIGNAL_CLOUD_CONNECTING Connecting to the Cloud Normal Blinking cyan
LED_SIGNAL_CLOUD_HANDSHAKE Performing handshake with the Cloud Normal Fast blinking cyan
LED_SIGNAL_CLOUD_CONNECTED Connected to the Cloud Background Breathing cyan
LED_SIGNAL_SAFE_MODE Connected to the Cloud in safe mode Background Breathing magenta
LED_SIGNAL_LISTENING_MODE Listening mode Normal Slow blinking blue
LED_SIGNAL_DFU_MODE * DFU mode Critical Blinking yellow
LED_SIGNAL_POWER_OFF Soft power down is pending Critical Solid gray

Note: Signals marked with an asterisk (*) are implemented within the bootloader and currently don't support pattern type and speed customization due to flash memory constraints. This may be changed in future versions of the firmware.