LED Signaling

RGB Colors

RGB colors are represented by 32-bit integer values (uint32_t) with the following layout in hex: 0x00RRGGBB, where R, G and B are bits of the red, green and blue color components respectively.

For convenience, the library defines constants for the following basic colors:

  • RGB_COLOR_BLUE : blue (0x000000ff)
  • RGB_COLOR_GREEN : green (0x0000ff00)
  • RGB_COLOR_CYAN : cyan (0x0000ffff)
  • RGB_COLOR_RED : red (0x00ff0000)
  • RGB_COLOR_MAGENTA : magenta (0x00ff00ff)
  • RGB_COLOR_YELLOW : yellow (0x00ffff00)
  • RGB_COLOR_WHITE : white (0x00ffffff)
  • RGB_COLOR_GRAY : gray (0x001f1f1f)
  • RGB_COLOR_ORANGE : orange (0x00ff6000)