Device OS 4.0 and later

In Device OS 4.0 and later, the PRODUCT_ID macro is no longer used. If you attempt to use it, you will get an error during compilation targeting 4.0.0 and later.

The PRODUCT_ID macro must be removed from your firmware source code. The same compiled firmware binary may be used in multiple products that share the same platform and functionality.

You must also pre-add all Device IDs that will be using your product when using Device OS 4.0 and later. There is no support for quarantine mode or auto-approve modes. The only way to add a device to a product is to do it using the console or cloud API before the device first connects to the cloud.

You still need to include PRODUCT_VERSION.

Device OS before 3.x and earlier

When preparing software for versions of Device OS before 4.0 it is essential to include your product ID and version at the top of the firmware source code.

// EXAMPLE 3.x and earlier
PRODUCT_ID(94); // replace by your product ID
PRODUCT_VERSION(1); // increment each time you upload to the console

You can find more details about the product ID and how to get yours in the Console guide.

Device OS 1.5.3 to 3.x Wildcard

In Device OS 1.5.3 and later, but before 4.0, you can also use a wildcard product ID. In order to take advantage of this feature you must pre-add the device IDs to your product as you cannot use quarantine with a wildcard product ID. Then use:

// EXAMPLE 1.5.3 to 3.x with wildcard product ID
PRODUCT_VERSION(1); // increment each time you upload to the console

This will allow the device to join the product it has been added to without hardcoding the product ID into the device firmware. This is used with the Tracker SoM to join the product it is assigned to with the factory firmware and not have to recompile and flash custom firmware.

The behavior with 4.0 and later is similar to using a wildcard product ID, but you simply omit the PRODUCT_ID.

If you want to make your product firmware compile both before and after 4.0, you could use something like:

// Include this only for versions prior to 4.0.0-alpha.1