Sets a URI as the NFC data.

int setUri(const char* uri, NfcUriType uriType)


// Open the web site
NFC.setUri("", NfcUriType::NFC_URI_HTTPS_WWW);

The following NfcUriTypes are defined:

NfcUriType Prefix
NFC_URI_NONE (no prefix)
NFC_URI_HTTP_WWW "http://www."
NFC_URI_HTTPS_WWW "https://www."
NFC_URI_HTTP "http:"
NFC_URI_HTTPS "https:"
NFC_URI_TEL "tel:"
NFC_URI_MAILTO "mailto:"
NFC_URI_FTP_ANONYMOUS "ftp://anonymous:anonymous@"
NFC_URI_FTP_FTP "ftp://ftp."
NFC_URI_FTPS "ftps://"
NFC_URI_SFTP "sftp://"
NFC_URI_SMB "smb://"
NFC_URI_NFS "nfs://"
NFC_URI_FTP "ftp://"
NFC_URI_DAV "dav://"
NFC_URI_NEWS "news:"
NFC_URI_TELNET "telnet://"
NFC_URI_IMAP "imap:"
NFC_URI_RTSP "rtsp://"
NFC_URI_URN "urn:"
NFC_URI_POP "pop:"
NFC_URI_SIP "sip:"
NFC_URI_SIPS "sips:"
NFC_URI_TFTP "tftp:"
NFC_URI_BTSPP "btspp://"
NFC_URI_BTL2CAP "btl2cap://"
NFC_URI_BTGOEP "btgoep://"
NFC_URI_TCPOBEX "tcpobex://"
NFC_URI_IRDAOBEX "irdaobex://"
NFC_URI_FILE "file://"
NFC_URI_URN_EPC_ID "urn:epc:id:"
NFC_URI_URN_EPC_TAG "urn:epc:tag:"
NFC_URI_URN_EPC_PAT "urn:epc:pat:"
NFC_URI_URN_EPC_RAW "urn:epc:raw:"
NFC_URI_URN_EPC "urn:epc:"
NFC_URI_URN_NFC "urn:nfc:"

Note that all of the set options are mutually exclusive. Calling NFC.setUri() will clear any setText, setLaunchApp, etc..

The maximum size is 988 bytes for a single record. Adding multiple records will add some additional overhead for each NDEF message, 2 - 4 bytes, plus the length of the data.