Since 0.4.9: Available on Serial1, Serial2, ....

Since 0.5.0: Available on USB Serial (Serial)

Since 0.6.0: Available on USBSerial1 on Gen 2 devices (Photon, P1, Electron, E-Series)

Defines what should happen when calls to write()/print()/println()/printlnf() that would overrun the buffer.

  • blockOnOverrun(true) - this is the default setting. When there is no room in the buffer for the data to be written, the program waits/blocks until there is room. This avoids buffer overrun, where data that has not yet been sent over serial is overwritten by new data. Use this option for increased data integrity at the cost of slowing down realtime code execution when lots of serial data is sent at once.

  • blockOnOverrun(false) - when there is no room in the buffer for data to be written, the data is written anyway, causing the new data to replace the old data. This option is provided when performance is more important than data integrity.

// EXAMPLE - fast and furious over Serial1