sleep() [ Sleep ]

ble() (SystemSleepConfiguration)

SystemSleepConfiguration& ble()

SystemSleepConfiguration config;

Wake on Bluetooth LE data (BLE). Only available on Gen 3 platforms (Argon, Boron, B-Series SoM, and Tracker SoM).

In addition to Wake on BLE, this keeps the BLE subsystem activated so the nRF52 MCU can wake up briefly to:

  • Advertise when in BLE peripheral mode. This allows the MCU to wake when a connection is attempted.
  • Keep an already open connection alive, in both central and peripheral mode. This allows the MCU to wake when data arrives on the connection or when the connection is lost.

This brief wake-up only services the radio. User firmware and Device OS do not resume execution if waking only to service the radio. If the radio receives incoming data or connection attempt packets, then the MCU completely wakes up in order to handle those events.

BLE Wake Support Gen 2 Gen 3
Wake from STOP sleep  
Wake from ULTRA_LOW_POWER sleep  
Wake from HIBERNATE sleep    

Gen 4 Devices (RTL872x) (P2, Photon 2, and M-SoM):

Wake on BLE is not supported on the P2, Photon 2, or Tracker M.