Software timers


Timer::startFromISR, startFromISR, Timer.startFromISR startFromISR()

Timer::stopFromISR, stopFromISR, Timer.stopFromISR stopFromISR()

Timer::resetFromISR, resetFromISR, Timer.resetFromISR resetFromISR()

Timer::changeFromISR, changeFromISR, Timer.changeFromISR changePeriodFromISR()

Start, stop and reset a timer or change a timer's period (as above) BUT from within an ISR. These functions MUST be called when doing timer operations within an ISR.

timer.startFromISR(); // WITHIN an ISR, starts timer if stopped or resets it if started.

timer.stopFromISR(); // WITHIN an ISR,stops a running timer.

timer.resetFromISR(); // WITHIN an ISR, reset timer if running, or start timer if stopped.

timer.changePeriodFromISR(newPeriod);  // WITHIN an ISR, change the timer period.