System calls

System config [ set ]

System.set, set

System configuration can be modified with the System.set() call.

System.set(SYSTEM_CONFIG_..., "value");
System.set(SYSTEM_CONFIG_..., buffer, length);

// EXAMPLE - Photon and P1 only
// Change the SSID prefix in listening mode

// Change the SSID suffix in listening mode

The following configuration values can be changed:

  • SYSTEM_CONFIG_DEVICE_KEY: the device private key. Max length of DCT_DEVICE_PRIVATE_KEY_SIZE (1216).
  • SYSTEM_CONFIG_SERVER_KEY: the server public key. Max length of SYSTEM_CONFIG_SERVER_KEY (768).
  • SYSTEM_CONFIG_SOFTAP_PREFIX: the prefix of the SSID broadcast in listening mode. Defaults to Photon. Max length of DCT_SSID_PREFIX_SIZE-1 (25). Only on Photon and P1.
  • SYSTEM_CONFIG_SOFTAP_SUFFIX: the suffix of the SSID broadcast in listening mode. Defaults to a random 4 character alphanumerical string. Max length of DCT_DEVICE_ID_SIZE (6). Only on Photon and P1.