System events

System events reference

These are the system events produced by the system, their numeric value (what you will see when printing the system event to Serial) and details of how to handle the parameter value. The version of firmware these events became available is noted in the first column below.

Setup mode is also referred to as listening mode (blinking dark blue).

Since Event Name ID Description Parameter
setup_begin 2 signals the device has entered setup mode not used
setup_update 4 periodic event signaling the device is still in setup mode. milliseconds since setup mode was started
setup_end 8 signals setup mode was exited time in ms since setup mode was started
network_credentials 16 network credentials were changed network_credentials_added or network_credentials_cleared
0.6.1 network_status 32 network connection status see below
0.6.1 cloud_status 64 cloud connection status see below
button_status 128 button pressed or released the duration in ms the button was pressed: 0 when pressed, >0 on release.
firmware_update 256 firmware update status see below
firmware_update_pending 512 notifies the application that a firmware update is available. This event is sent even when updates are disabled, giving the application chance to re-enable firmware updates with System.enableUpdates() not used
reset_pending 1024 notifies the application that the system would like to reset. This event is sent even when resets are disabled, giving the application chance to re-enable resets with System.enableReset() not used
reset 2048 notifies that the system will reset once the application has completed handling this event not used
button_click 4096 event sent each time SETUP/MODE button is clicked. int clicks = system_button_clicks(param); retrieves the number of clicks so far.
button_final_click 8192 sent after a run of one or more clicks not followed by additional clicks. Unlike the button_click event, the button_final_click event is sent once, at the end of a series of clicks. int clicks = system_button_clicks(param); retrieves the number of times the button was pushed.
0.6.1 time_changed 16384 device time changed time_changed_manually or time_changed_sync
0.6.1 low_battery 32768 generated when low battery condition is detected. not used
0.8.0 out_of_memory 1<<18 event generated when a request for memory could not be satisfied the amount in bytes of memory that could not be allocated
3.3.0 ble_prov_mode 1<<19 BLE provisioning mode status

network_credentials (16) param values

  • network_credentials_added (1)
  • network_credentials_cleared (2)

network_status (32) param values

  • network_status_powering_off (2)
  • network_status_off (3)
  • network_status_powering_on (4)
  • network_status_on (5)
  • network_status_connecting (6)
  • network_status_connected (7)
  • network_status_disconnecting (10)
  • network_status_disconnected (11)

cloud_status (64) parameter values

  • cloud_status_disconnected (0)
  • cloud_status_connecting (1)
  • cloud_status_handshake (2)
  • cloud_status_session_resume (3)
  • cloud_status_connected (8)
  • cloud_status_disconnecting(9)