Formats a time string using a configurable format.

Time.format(time, strFormat); // fully qualified (e.g. current time with custom format)
Time.format(strFormat);       // current time with custom format
Time.format(time);            // custom time with preset format
Time.format();                // current time with preset format

time_t time = Time.now();
Time.format(time, TIME_FORMAT_DEFAULT); // Sat Jan 10 08:22:04 2004 , same as Time.timeStr()

Time.zone(-5.25);  // setup a time zone, which is part of the ISO8601 format
Time.format(time, TIME_FORMAT_ISO8601_FULL); // 2004-01-10T08:22:04-05:15

The formats available are:

  • custom format based on strftime()

Optional parameter: time_t (Unix timestamp), coordinated universal time (UTC), long integer

If you have set the time zone using Time.zone(), beginDST(), etc. the formatted time will be formatted in local time.

Note: The custom time provided to Time.format() needs to be UTC based and not contain the time zone offset (as Time.local() would), since the time zone correction is performed by the high level Time methods internally.