WiFi.setListenTimeout, setListenTimeout

Since 0.6.1:


WiFi.setListenTimeout(seconds) is used to set a timeout value for Listening Mode. Values are specified in seconds, and 0 disables the timeout. By default, Wi-Fi devices do not have any timeout set (seconds=0). As long as interrupts are enabled, a timer is started and running while the device is in listening mode (WiFi.listening()==true). After the timer expires, listening mode will be exited automatically. If WiFi.setListenTimeout() is called while the timer is currently in progress, the timer will be updated and restarted with the new value (e.g. updating from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, or 10 seconds to 0 seconds (disabled)). Note: Enabling multi-threaded mode with SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) will allow user code to update the timeout value while Listening Mode is active.

// If desired, use the STARTUP() macro to set the timeout value at boot time.
STARTUP(WiFi.setListenTimeout(60)); // set listening mode timeout to 60 seconds

void setup() {
  // your setup code

void loop() {
  // update the timeout later in code based on an expression
  if (disableTimeout) WiFi.setListenTimeout(0); // disables the listening mode timeout

Since 1.5.0:

You can also specify a value using chrono literals, for example: WiFi.setListenTimeout(5min) for 5 minutes.