Wire (I2C)


Wire.endTransmission, endTransmission

Ends a transmission to a slave device that was begun by beginTransmission() and transmits the bytes that were queued by write().


Parameters: stop : boolean. true will send a stop message after the last byte, releasing the bus after transmission. false will send a restart, keeping the connection active. The bus will not be released, which prevents another master device from transmitting between messages. This allows one master device to send multiple transmissions while in control. If no argument is specified, the default value is true.

Returns: byte, which indicates the status of the transmission:

  • 0: success
  • 1: busy timeout upon entering endTransmission()
  • 2: START bit generation timeout
  • 3: end of address transmission timeout
  • 4: data byte transfer timeout
  • 5: data byte transfer succeeded, busy timeout immediately after
  • 6: timeout waiting for peripheral to clear stop bit