AmazonSNSClient (community library)


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Name AmazonSNSClient
Version 0.0.1
Installs 2503
License Apache 2.0 license
Author Jinesh Varia
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Amazon SNS Client for Spark Core.

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Library Read Me

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Version 1 of the Experimental AWS SDK for Arduino

An experimental SDK for contacting AWS Services on Arduino-compatible devices.

##Step 1: Create a SNS Topic

We are going to use a Topic with Email Subscription

##Step 2: Import AmazonSNSClient Library

Contributed Libraries > "AmazonSNSClient"

##Step 3: Open the Sample

application.cpp or ino file

##Step 4: Modify Keys and WiFi info

Modify keys.cpp file and add your keys Modify .ino file with Topic ARN

##Step 5: Verify, Compile and Upload

Wire your connected device. After the wiring is finished, you should be able to connect two cables to your computer via usb, compile and upload the code with the Arduino IDE.

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