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Name ard-streams
Version 1.0.2
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Author Vladimir Talybin
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All Versions 1.0.2, 1.0.1, 1.0.0

This library includes iostreams that otherwise overflow the flash memory. Arduino STL iostreams.

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Library Read Me

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STL iostreams for Arduino

This library includes iostreams from STL with additional wrappers for Arduino hardware.

All files in this library are copy-pasted from GCC 7.3 standard library with some modifications to avoid linking of libstdc++ that otherwise overflow the flash memory.

Using STL streams

To avoid file and namespace conflicts, all files in this library has .hpp extension and ard namespace (instead of std). Otherwise the full documentation is available on

There are some limitations though:

  • Locale is not supported
  • File streams not implemented
  • Exceptions are disabled

Usage example:

#include <sstream.hpp>

void setup()
int n;
double f;
bool b;
std::string s;

ard::istringstream iss("41 3.14 false helloworld");
iss >> n >> f >> ard::boolalpha >> b >> s;

Using streams with serial port

The serial stream is not in standard GCC library but included as usefull part of Arduino projects.

#include <iostream.hpp>
#include <serstream.hpp>

namespace ard
ard::oserialstream cout(Serial1);
ard::iserialstream cin(Serial1);

void setup()

// Wait for input for 30 seconds.
// Note, ard::iserialstream will use this
// timeout value

void loop()
ard::cout << "Give me an integer: ";

int data;
if (ard::cin >> data)
ard::cout << "2 + " << data << " = " << (2 + data) << '\n';
else {
// Clear failbit
// Drain read buffer

Creating a single header

You can generate a single, header only, file of this library with tool. By default it generates single/ard-streams.h under library's root. This can be changed with -o or --output flag. For example:

python -o /tmp/iostreams.hpp

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