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Blynk is a unique IoT platform for connecting any hardware to the cloud, designing apps to control them, and managing your deployed products at scale.
  • With Blynk Library you can connect over 400 hardware models (including ESP8266, ESP32, NodeMCU, all Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, Particle, Texas Instruments, etc.) to the Blynk Cloud.

  • With Blynk apps for iOS and Android apps you can easily drag-n-drop graphic interfaces for any DIY or commercial project. It's a pure WYSIWG experience: no coding on iOS or Android required.

  • Hardware can connect to Blynk Cloud over the Internet using hardware connectivity available on your board (like ESP32), or with the use of various shields (Ethernet, WiFi, GSM, LTE, etc). Blynk Cloud is available for every user of Blynk for free.

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Blynk Arduino Library

Blynk Mobile App: Google Play | App Store

Quickstart: Particle Gen2 / Gen3

  • Download the Blynk app (App Store, Google Play)
  • Get the Auth Token from the app
  • Import this library to Particle Build IDE.
  • Update Auth Token in the example sketch and upload it to your device

The list of supported hardware - supported boards, Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular... Full Blynk Documentation - a complete guide on Blynk features Community (Forum) - join a 500,000 Blynk community to ask questions and share ideas Code Examples Browser - browse examples to explore Blynk possibilities Official Website

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We accept contributions from our community: stability bugfixes, new hardware support, or any other improvements. Here is a list of what you could help with.


This project is released under The MIT License (MIT)

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