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Name CarrierLookupRK
Version 0.0.1
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License MIT
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Particle library to look up carrier names and countries from MCC/MNC

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Library to look up country codes (MCC) and carrier names (MCC-MNC) from Particle device firmware.

This library uses a table stored in code flash space and uses about 30K of flash space (out of 128K) so it's probably more appropriate for debugging tools.

The two functions implemented are:

String lookupCountry(uint16_t mcc);
String lookupMccMnc(uint16_t mcc, uint16_t mnc);

Generating New Data

The tool works by taking the mccmnc.json file that's generated by the TowerInfo Tool and packing the data into significantly smaller C structures. The tool is in generator-tool and is run by doing:

cd generator-tool
node app.js

This generates the Carriers.h file from mccmnc.json.

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