ClosedCube_SHT31D (community library)


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Name ClosedCube_SHT31D
Version 0.1.1
Installs 2035
License MIT
Author Garrett Hawes
Repository hawesg/SHT31D_Particle_Photon_ClosedCube
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A more complete SHT-3X(30/31/35) library. Library for Sensirion SHT30/31/35 Digital I2C Temperature & Humidity Sensors, various modes, crc check, id's, etc..

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Library Read Me

This content is provided by the library maintainer and has not been validated or approved. Particle Photon Library for

ClosedCube SHT31-D (SHT35 and SHT30) I2C Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout

You can see some documentation on the wiki please check back as they are a work in progress.

Note: The library supports SHT30 (low-cost) and SHT35 (high-end) sensor versions as well.

Where to Buy?

This library was ported from excellent work by ClosedCube their SHT breakout boards can be purchased from Tindie

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