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Name codetacc-robotics
Version 0.0.12
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License GNU GPLv3, BSD License for derivative works
Author Joon-Yee Chuah
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All Versions 0.0.12, 0.0.11, 0.0.10, 0.0.9, 0.0.8, 0.0.7, 0.0.6, 0.0.5, 0.0.4

This library is designed to be used in the CODE @ TACC Summer 2016 Robotics curriculum, and wraps/provides compatibility for several Adafruit sensor libraries

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CODE @ TACC Robotics library


This library wraps functionality for several Adafruit Arduino shield libraries, as well as provides general compatibility to these libraries. Included is an example robot.ino file, to be used as a project base for the CODE @ TACC Summer 2016 curriculum. Additional examples may be included for operation of sensors.


CODE @ TACC is a summer residential program for rising juniors and seniors in high school, hosted by the Texas Advanced Computing Center at The University of Texas at Austin. You may view the open source curriculum on GitHub.

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