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Name dnsclient
Version 0.0.13
Installs 610
License Apache License, version 2.0
Author chris huitema
URL https://github.com/hootie81/dnsclient
Repository https://github.com/hootie81/dnsclient.git
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All Versions 0.0.13, 0.0.12, 0.0.10

DNS Lookup Client ported from Arduino to Spark

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DNS Client for Spark.

Original code from Arduino Ethernet library, ported for use on Spark Core

the myUDP.h was written by a unknown person on the Spark Forums and overcomes an issue with sending a UDP packet each time the write is called, now it is only sent when endPacket is called

Example inluded, change the dnsServerIP to whatever DNS server you want to use and change serverName to the place you want to look up.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this work

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