ExponentiallySmoothedValue (community library)


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Name ExponentiallySmoothedValue
Version 1.0.0
Installs 1390
License GPL3
Author rvnash
Repository https://github.com/rvnash/ExponentiallySmoothedValue.git
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Class to provide exponential smoothing to a signal which is a time series of values.

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A class to provide exponential smoothing to a signal, likely a time series of values from a sensor

This library defines a class which performs exponential smoothing on a series of samples of a signal from a sensor. It implements the algorithm described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exponential_smoothing#Basic_exponential_smoothing .

Refer to ExampleExponentiallySmoothedValue.ino and ExponentiallySmoothedValue.h for a full description of how to use this library.


Connect Particle hardware, add the ExponentiallySmoothedValue library to your project and follow this simple example: ExampleExponentiallySmoothedValue.ino



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