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Name GoBLE
Version 0.0.1
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Author Michael Doan
Repository https://github.com/babean/GoBLE.git
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Add generic BLE RC controller to your projects Port of DFRobot's GoBLE. Program HM-10 BLE modules to connect with the APP on your phone: AT+BAUD4, AT+UUID0xDFB0, AT+CHAR0xDFB1.

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A Particle port of DFRobot's library for GoBLE https://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/Bluetooth_APP_Control

This enables the uses of genertic BLE modules like HM-10 with Particle for added RC control.

Using AT commands, set the HM-10 as follows (all other settings at default values):




Then connect hm-10's TX to Particle Serial1_RX, connect power. Good to go.

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