hackerpet_plus (community library)


Name Value
Name hackerpet_plus
Version 0.1.114
Installs 1341
License AGPL
Author Csaba Petre csaba.petre@gmail.com
Maintainer Csaba Petre csaba.petre@gmail.com
URL http://hackerpet.com
Repository https://github.com/CleverPet/hackerpet_plus/
Download .tar.gz
All Versions 0.1.114, 0.1.112, 0.1.111, 0.1.110, 0.1.109, 0.1.108, 0.1.107, 0.1.106, 0.1.105, 0.1.104, 0.1.103, 0.1.102, 0.1.101, 0.1.100, 0.1.99, 0.1.98, 0.1.97, 0.1.96, 0.1.95, 0.1.94, 0.1.93, 0.1.92, 0.1.91, 0.1.90, 0.1.89, 0.1.88, 0.1.87, 0.1.86, 0.1.85, 0.1.84, 0.1.83, 0.1.82, 0.1.81, 0.1.80, 0.1.79, 0.1.78, 0.1.77, 0.1.75, 0.1.74, 0.1.73, 0.1.72, 0.1.71, 0.1.70, 0.1.69, 0.1.67, 0.1.66, 0.1.65, 0.1.64, 0.1.63, 0.1.62, 0.1.61, 0.1.60, 0.1.59, 0.1.58, 0.1.57, 0.1.56, 0.1.55, 0.1.54, 0.1.53, 0.1.52, 0.1.51, 0.1.50, 0.1.49, 0.1.48, 0.1.47, 0.1.46, 0.1.45, 0.1.44, 0.1.43, 0.1.42, 0.1.41, 0.1.40, 0.1.39, 0.1.38, 0.1.37, 0.1.36, 0.1.35, 0.1.34, 0.1.33, 0.1.32, 0.1.31, 0.1.30, 0.1.29, 0.1.28, 0.1.27, 0.1.26, 0.1.25, 0.1.24, 0.1.23, 0.1.22, 0.1.21, 0.1.20, 0.1.19, 0.1.18, 0.1.17, 0.1.16, 0.1.15, 0.1.14, 0.1.13, 0.1.12, 0.1.11, 0.1.10, 0.1.9, 0.1.8, 0.1.7, 0.1.6, 0.1.5, 0.1.4, 0.1.2, 0.1.1, 0.1.0

(Dev Version!) Long-term cloud-less firmware!

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Library Read Me

This content is provided by the library maintainer and has not been validated or approved.


A Particle project named hackerpet_plus

Welcome to your project!

Every new Particle project is composed of 3 important elements that you'll see have been created in your project directory for hackerpet_plus.

/src folder:

This is the source folder that contains the firmware files for your project. It should not be renamed. Anything that is in this folder when you compile your project will be sent to our compile service and compiled into a firmware binary for the Particle device that you have targeted.

If your application contains multiple files, they should all be included in the src folder. If your firmware depends on Particle libraries, those dependencies are specified in the project.properties file referenced below.

.ino file:

This file is the firmware that will run as the primary application on your Particle device. It contains a setup() and loop() function, and can be written in Wiring or C/C++. For more information about using the Particle firmware API to create firmware for your Particle device, refer to the Firmware Reference section of the Particle documentation.

project.properties file:

This is the file that specifies the name and version number of the libraries that your project depends on. Dependencies are added automatically to your project.properties file when you add a library to a project using the particle library add command in the CLI or add a library in the Desktop IDE.

Adding additional files to your project

Projects with multiple sources

If you would like add additional files to your application, they should be added to the /src folder. All files in the /src folder will be sent to the Particle Cloud to produce a compiled binary.

Projects with external libraries

If your project includes a library that has not been registered in the Particle libraries system, you should create a new folder named /lib/<libraryname>/src under /<project dir> and add the .h, .cpp & library.properties files for your library there. Read the Firmware Libraries guide for more details on how to develop libraries. Note that all contents of the /lib folder and subfolders will also be sent to the Cloud for compilation.

Compiling your project

When you're ready to compile your project, make sure you have the correct Particle device target selected and run particle compile <platform> in the CLI or click the Compile button in the Desktop IDE. The following files in your project folder will be sent to the compile service:

  • Everything in the /src folder, including your .ino application file
  • The project.properties file for your project
  • Any libraries stored under lib/<libraryname>/src

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