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Name I2c7SegmentLed
Version 1.0.1
Installs 543
License MIT
Author Gary Muhonen gary@dcity.org
URL https://github.com/dcityorg/i2c-7-segment-led-library-particle
Repository dcityorg/i2c-7-segment-led-library-particle
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Particle library for controlling I2C 7 Segment LED Displays This library provides many functions to communicate with 7 Segment LED display modules. Functions such as clear, set brightness, move cursor, and print are available. This library only works with 7 segment LED displays that use the AMS AS1115 chip. This chip uses the I2C communication protocol. The library will work with 7 Segment displays up to 8 digits wide. See the README file for more details. A demo program (in the examples folder) demonstrates all of the functions in this library. More information: https://www.dcity.org/portfolio/i2c-7-segment-led-library/

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I2c7SegmentLed - Particle library for controlling I²C 7 Segment Led Displays
i2c LED display
i2c LED display
i2c LED display

This link has details including:

  • software library installation for use with Arduino, Particle and Raspberry Pi boards
  • list of functions available in these libraries
  • a demo program (which shows the usage of most library functions)
  • info on 7 segment LED displays that work with this software
  • hardware design for a backpack board for 7 segment LEDs, available on github
  • info on backpack “bare” pc boards available from OSH Park.

License Information License Information is here.

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