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Name InternetButton
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Author Richard Whitney
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Functions to make the Internet Button easy to use! If you have an original SparkButton, make sure to use begin(1)

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Internet Button

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The Internet Button has a lot of features, but some of these aren't as straightforward to use as simple LEDs and sensors. This library abstracts a lot of the complexity and provides simple functions with broad capability. It wraps modified versions of both Adafruit's Neopixel and AnneM's ADXL362 Arduino libraries, as well as some novel functions.


  1. Blink an LED - How to control the smart LEDs on this board
  2. Blink all the LEDs - An extension on the simplest case
  3. LEDs and Buttons - How to read the buttons on the Button, and make LEDs blink with them
  4. Good Combination - A set of button and LED conditionals that I happen to like and use frequently
  5. Motion - The Internet Button also has an accelerometer on it to measure motion- this shows how the related functions work
  6. Orientation - How to use the accelerometer functions to determine the orientation
  7. Internet - Send that data out to the world!
  8. Making Music - Learn how to play notes and songs while controlling LEDs and reading buttons at the same time.
  9. Release Firmware - Big, complicated set of epic.

Watch for gauge and other display additions to this library!

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