Keypad-I2C (community library)


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Name Keypad-I2C
Version 0.1.3
Installs 547
License GPLv3
Author Mark Stanley (, Alexander Brevig (, adapted for Spark Core by Sandro Lange, adapted for I2C by Evan Simkowitz
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Particle IDE library for using a keyboard with the MCP23008 I2C I/O expander

Library Read Me

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Copyright (c) 2016, Evan Simkowitz

The Key library is licensed under LGPLv2.1. The Keypad-I2C library is licensed under GPLv3. The Adafruit_MCP23008 library is under a BSD license.

Particle-Keypad-I2C is Evan Simkowitz's adaptation of Sandro Lange's Spark Core port of Alexander Brevig and Mark Stanley's Keyboard Arduino library. The Adafruit_MCP23008 library is Evan Simkowitz's Particle IDE port of Limor Fried/Ladyada's library for Adafruit Industries.

This library allows for operation of a keypad over I2C using the MCP23008 I/O expander. This library is compatible with the following Particle boards: Photon, P1, Electron, Core.

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