lpd8806 (community library)


Name Value
Name lpd8806
Version 1.0.0
Installs 1767
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Author Adafruit info@adafruit.com
URL https://github.com/jeffglancy/lpd8806
Repository https://github.com/jeffglancy/lpd8806.git
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Arduino library for LED strips and pixels using LPD8806 (and probably LPD8803/LPD8809)

Library Read Me

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Arduino library for LPD8806

This Library was written for the LPD8806 PWM LED driver chips, strips and pixels. But the LPD8803/LPD8809 will probably work too.

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Pick some up at Adafruit Industries

Forked from Adafruit Code:


Edited for Particle Proton & RedBear Duo

This file was modified by Jeff Glancy (https://github.com/jeffglancy)

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