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Name MLX90621
Version 0.0.13
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Author Max Ritter
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All Versions 0.0.13, 0.0.11, 0.0.10

Library for interfacing with MLX90621 temp sensor array

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This content is provided by the library maintainer and has not been validated or approved. MLX90621 Arduino and Processing example code

Particle code for the Melexis MLX90621 16x4 thermopile array.

The MLX90621 FIRray temperature sensing device from Melexis utilizes the company’s non-contact temperature measurement technology to create a highly cost-effective thermography solution. Covering a -20°C to 300°C temperature range, this 16 x 4 element far infrared (FIR) thermopile sensor array produces a map of heat values for the target area in real time, avoiding the need to scan the area with a single point sensor or use an expensive microbolometer device.

In use in VU and Tilburg University temperature cry detection project.

Implements MaxBot's MLX90621 Arduino library patched with KMoto's minor change in defaultConfig_H.

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