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Name MelodySpeaker
Version 1.0.0
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License MIT
Author Stan Borkowski
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Particle Photon Library for playing mono-tone melodies.

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A Library for playing mono-tone melodies over a piezo speaker using the tone() function. You can set playback tempo, and notes to play following the note encoding defined below. The melody can be played either in blocking and non-blocking way. In blocking mode the first call of processMelody will play the complete melody and return at the end. In non-blocking mode the MelodySpeaker class tries to execute the melody following the system clock. In this case the processMelody method must be called as often as possible. If the execution of processMelody is delayed by other CPU-load, the playback of next note of the melody will be delayed as well.

Melody encoding

The melody is passed to the setMelody method as a string where each note is encoded by 3 characters; note length, note value, octave. For example, "8A4" means en eight-note A4 (440 Hz). Valid notes are "CdDeEFgGaAbB", with lower case letters being the lower half notes. Valid scales go from 1 to 7.

Melody tempo

You can set the playback tempo to a value of beats per minute. With 120 BPM a quarter note will last for 1 second.

Note that tempo applies only to the next melody set by invoking setMelody.

Getting Started

MelodySpeaker speaker = Melody(D1, false); // non-blocking operation

void setup() {
speaker.begin(); // sets the selected pin to OUTPUT

speaker.setTempo(240); // optional
speaker.setMelody("4C7,8G6,8G6,4A6,4G6,4  ,4B6,4C7");

void loop() {


MIT license.

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