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Name MiniShift-Particle
Version 1.0.4
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Author Gregory Fenton and ArachnidLabs
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ArachnidLabs MiniShift library for Particle devices Write bytes, characters or strings on the ArachnidLabs Minishift chainable 8x8 LED matrix

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This content is provided by the library maintainer and has not been validated or approved. Minishift-Particle

Particle library for the @ArachnidLabs Minishift

Ported by Gregory Fenton,

Minishift pinout (Pin 1 at top, 5 at bottom, bottom signified by black dot matrix letters/numbers on white plastic): 1 Power (3v3 or 5v) 2 Gnd 3 SCK (Clock) 4 CS (Latch) 5 MOSI (Data)

All lines go to the female header, the male header is for the next Minishift module.

Usage: Ensure you set the minishift pins to OUTPUT in setup() Create a MiniShift object using MiniShift ms(dataPin, clockPin, latchPin);

Display the message using ms.writeString(String message); To add a delay between columns (slow the text down) use ms.writeString(String message, int delayMS); To add a gap between columns (so characters do not abut) use ms.writeString(String message, int delayMS, int columns);

To output raw data (such as a picture) to the minishift use: ms.writeColumns() for example: int i; unsigned const char smileyFace[] = { 0b00111100, // XXXX 0b01000010, // X X 0b10101001, //X X X X 0b10000101, //X X X 0b10000101, //X X X 0b10101001, //X X X X 0b01000010, // X X 0b00111100 // XXXX }; //Note the face is sideways, the data gets read in a column at a time not a row at a time for(i = 0; i < 8; i++)//Fill 8 minishift modules with smiley faces { ms.writeColumns(smileyFace, 8 / 8 bytes of data /, 40 / 40ms gap between columns /); }

Have fun, and let me (@gregoryfenton) and ArachnidLabs (@ArachnidLabs) know what you get up to [:)]

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