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Version 0.0.1
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Author Rob Dancer
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md5 library

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Library Read Me

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This is the port for the Particle Photon of the port by Solar Designer

According to the website "This code is used in Openwall's popa3d and blists, as well as in PHP 5.3.0+, ClamAV, Dovecot, Eggdrop, FreeType, masqmail, Staden Package io_lib, and more."

This was imported from the above site to allow HTTP Digest Authentication in conjunction with the HttpClient application.

Example Usage

#include "md5.h"

#include "application.h"

String md5(String line) { unsigned char result[16];

MD5_CTX hash; MD5_Init(&hash); MD5_Update(&hash, line, line.length()); MD5_Final(result, &hash);

char buf[33]; for (int i=0; i<16; i++) sprintf(buf+i*2, "%02x", result[i]); buf[32]=0;

return String(buf); } ... line = "grape"; Res = md5(line); ...

This returns the md5 hex string for "grape"

md5 of grape b781cbb29054db12f88f08c6e161c199

See example directory test_md5.ino

This can be checked with python

import hashlib name="grape" hash1 = hashlib.md5(name).hexdigest() print hash1

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