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Version 1.0.0
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Author Krishnaraj Varma
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Adafruit CC3000_MDNS Library for Spark Core

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Spark Core and MDNS

Here is the Spark Core port of Adafruit MDNS library. The library provides the ability to setup a name for the Spark Core and resolve it. We can name the Core anything we want, the library will append ".local" to the name and we can access the Core using the URL "name.local".

The sample application names the Core as "myspark". If the MDNS is setup correctly then it creates a TCPServer on port 80. The Core can be accessed using the URL "http://myspark.local". The server simply prints a test message.


  1. For Mac OSX support is built in through Bonjour already.
  2. For Linux, install Avahi.
  3. For Windows, install Bonjour.


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