OB_LED_Flasher_IV (community library)


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Name OB_LED_Flasher_IV
Version 6.3.25
Installs 442
License MIT
Author BobDawgs
Download .tar.gz
All Versions 6.3.25, 5.3.22, 5.3.21, 5.2.18, 5.1.16, 5.1.11, 5.1.2

Onboard LED Flasher utility for Particle boards Core,Photon, and Electron with variable repeat count, Flash On and Off time control, and brightness

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LED Flashing utility for Particle's Core, Photon, and Electron's on-board LED with variable pulse count.

The following calls are available:

LED_Red_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // red flash x(count)

LED_Green_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // green flash x(count)

LED_Blue_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // blue flash x(count)

LED_Yellow_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // yellow flash x(count)

LED_Orange_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // orange flash x(count)

LED_Cyan_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // cyan flash x(count)

LED_Magenta_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // magenta flash x(count)

LED_White_Flash(count,onRate,offRate,brightness); // white flash x(count)

LED_Rainbow_Flash(count,brightness); // RGB flash x(count)

LED_reset(count,brightness); // green/white flash x(count)

NOTE: Flash count can be from 1 to 8. Any other value results in 3 flashes. Flash onRate and offRate is a multiplier (n*100) milliseconds. Default onRate is 9 (900 milliseconds). Default offRate is 4 (400 milliseconds). Brightness is system level from 1-255 (default is 96)

An onRate of 10 and an offRate of 5 yields a flash pattern of 1 second on and a half second off.


// Status LED Update if (ledEnable) { if (LED_Red_Flag) LED_Red_Flash(5,9,4,96); if (LED_Yellow_Flag) LED_Yellow_Flash(3,9,4,96); if (LED_Green_Flag) LED_Green_Flash(3,9,4,96); if (LED_Rainbow_Flag) LED_Rainbow_Flash(3,192); }

Arguments are optional and may be omitted from right to left

Examples below all mean the same:

LED_Red_Flash(3,9,4,96); LED_Red_Flash(3,9,4); LED_Red_Flash(3,9); LED_Red_Flash(3); LED_Red_Flash();

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