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A simple library to operate the Alphasense OPC-N2 using a Particle Photon/Electron

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C++ Library for the Alphasense OPC-N2 particle counter

Alphasense OPC-N2 (image removed)


The Alphasense OPC-N2 is an optical particle counter for use in indoor and outdoor particle monitoring. This library makes it easy to operate the OPC-N2 from a Particle Photon, Particle Electron, or Arduino (not yet tested).

Example Usage

Three examples are located in the examples folder.

  1. \run-the-opc: shows you the basics of how to use the library with a Particle photon/electron.
  2. \tests: runs through a solid portion of the methods and prints the results to the console.
  3. \wifi-opc: sets the OPC and sets the PM data as public variables.


API documentation can be found in the docs folder.


If there is a bug or other issue with the code, please create an issue on this git repo. If you have general questions, please reach out to me via PM over github or email (dhagan@mit.edu).

In order to run the Alphasense OPC-N2 from a Particle Photon or Electron, you will need the Alphasense OPC-N2 and one of the microcontrollers from Particle. You will also need the appropriate 30 AWG wiring and either a breadboard, or alternate way to connect the OPC-N2 to the Particle controller.

Circuit Diagram

Connect according to the table below, and as seen in the figure below.

OPC-N2 Pin Number Particle Photon Pin
2 (/CS) A2
3 (MOSI) A5
4 (MISO) A4
5 (CLK) A3

Alphasense OPC-N2 (image removed)

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