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Name PhotonWaveOut
Version 0.0.1
Installs 1527
License Apache-2.0
Author Stefan Sauer
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Audio playback library for the

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Audio playback library for the photon using two digital pins to create an 8bit mono audio stream at 7874 Hz using AC PWM. This is not an official Google product.

how to use it

First you need to convert you audio sample into a c header. One way you can do it is: gst-launch-1.0 -q uridecodebin uri=file:///path/to/audio-file ! audioconvert ! \ audioresample ! audioconvert ! "audio/x-raw,format=S8,rate=7874,channels=1" ! \ filesink location=/tmp/snd; \ perl ~/bin/ /tmp/snd 1 >/tmp/wave_data.h

gstreamer is included with most linux distros and I found the at

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