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A simple software timer implemetion. Does timeouts, intervals, and debouncing.

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A Particle library for PollingTimer


Simple timer to track how much time has passed in milliseconds that is overflow safe. It has start/stop/expired support, interval alert support, and easy debounce support.

This library should work with any Arduino, but the examples are written for the Particle Photon.

#include "PollingTimer.h"

PollingTimer timer(100);
PollingTimer interval(50);
Debouncer debounce(10);

void setup() {


void loop() {
if (timer.expired())
Serial.print("100 milliseconds have passed!");

if (interval.interval())
Serial.print("50 milliseconds, repeating.");

if (debounce.debounce(digitalRead(D0)))
Serial.print("Button pushed.");

See the examples folder for more details.


TODO: Describe PollingTimer


It's available at github.com/DonGar/PollingTimer.

Please feel free to send me pull requests.


Copyright 2017 dgarrett@acm.org

Licensed under the Apache 2 license.

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